RFID. Make Social Media work for your business.

The first time I heard about RFID technology was in summer 2011. At www.digitalbuzzblog.com was an article with video about hotel in Ibiza that used RFID technology: 

 It’s not that I was impressed cause I didn’t think that many people will use it but it was great that finally offline was connected with online. Continue reading

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Executive speaker. John Sculley.

I visited an interesting presentation yesterday (16.06.2011) from Former President and CEO of PepsiCo and former CEO of Apple – John Sculley organized by HULT International Business School. It is always interesting to listen to the person who has such a big experience. There are several interesting things he told us about and also observations I made on my own. Continue reading

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Content consumption and the changing behaviour of readers online

The speed of innovation coming to the market is becoming faster every year. 30 years ago the invention of Internet took place. They had been working on it for a long time and it took at least 20 years to make people use it on everyday basis. Now we have the iPad which was launched a year ago. It doesn’t look like something new today and the number of people actually using it is nearly the same as Internet 10 years ago; in such limited period of time. The same thing actually happens in every profession more or less connected with the digital innovations. The change of consumption of news and books are connected with two new resources of: Twitter and Facebook. I am pretty sure there are number of people who are still using RSS feed and Google reader, but is it enough convenient? Continue reading

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Doing ecommerce in Russia: dream or reality.

I recently came across the article: “Russian Internet Growth Provides Opportunity and Challenge in Wall Street Journal” . It provides information about opportunities in the Russian market and also mentions the problems you can face doing business in the country. I found some additional figures for e-commerce. Continue reading

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Android for Apple users

After several discussions about Android and Apple I understood that people don’t really get the difference in use between two systems especially when they are using iPhone. Before I will try to tell yousomething I honestly approve that I prefer Android and have my own views about it but I would try to right as objective as possible. Continue reading

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Pricing in digital publishing

While I was preparing to write this blog I thought about one film that talks about problems publishers have. Do you remember the movie «You’ve Got Mail» starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? If you don’t I remind you that the whole film is about how old small and very family shops are dying and big stores with lots of stuff that have no idea what books about are replacing them. Maybe this is obvious just for me but publishing has always had problem beginning from switching from limited number of books written on parchment and ending with eBooks that don’t cost a lot to publish (but not to produce). Continue reading

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E-commerce in Russia.

After going through the world history of e-commerce I decided to research deeper about Russian e-commerce past and future. Continue reading

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