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This is a post about the media I use in my everyday life. It was a very entertaining task as I were able to understand what kind of information sources I’ve missed and gave me an opportunity to subscribe to new Twitter accounts. I want to believe it will be useful for you in case you haven’t heard about one of the blogs or web sites. I would be happy to find out new media to obtain information, so feel free to write about them in the comments.

1. What media do you buy and/or consume?

  • Books on Kindle

I don’t buy books on Kindle I just download free ones from Amazon or other Internet resources

As I travel once or twice a year I need something to read in the plane but it should be some kind of relaxed fiction so all of these magazines suites my idea of easy reading. However first two of them I mostly use to search for interesting items to buy and two other give me interesting information about what’s happening in the world. I read both Russian and English version depending on the departure destination

2. General news

  • Facebook (social)
  • Twitter
  • Alltop (aggregator)

3. Digital industry & media news

  • RSS via Google Reader (aggregator)

This one has subscription to the blogs that are mostly written by my schoolmates and teacher. Also there are subscriptions to the web sites I will post further.

It’s a very good aggregator. For me the most intersting topic is Web design but it isn’t the only one you can find there.

Was one of my most favorite web sites before it changed subcategorise. Don’t really like the way it looks now and navigation has become much more inconvenient

Blogs about new technology and interesting projects.

It’s mostly about digital advertising. I appreciate every post there.

Russian web site about Digital marketing and advertising.

Russian web site about Augmented Reality and new projects.

  • F5 (B2C blog)

Free offline magazine in Russia about news in the Internet (the most popular blogs and quotes and lots of other information), that I can’t get here, so I download version in PDF and read it on my Kindle and of course their blogs. International news comes there with a slight lag but the quality is really good in comparison with their competitors.

4. Hobbies & interests?

This is Russian social Network which has all kinds of content including music and videos, more will be written in my future posts.

  • Letters from the subscription (mainly fashion)
  • Look at Me (B2C)

Russian fashion web site contains information about fashion, new exhibition and films. It does have its own radio and shop with the items mostly from UK.

The web site contains a lot of information about the films including actors and trailers. Using this web site is the best way to find new interesting film. Each film has a recommendation field with the films alike.

5. What do you consume for entertainment?

It was mentioned above.

You can’t forget about YouTube because it is the biggest video portal that has information about all happenings. I use it mostly to search for interesting music and to watch videos for studies.

About Blanc Tigre

Master in Digital Marketing Student. Write about new devices, amazing videos, style and everything that can engage me and the world.
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