E-commerce in Russia.

After going through the world history of e-commerce I decided to research deeper about Russian e-commerce past and future.

So Ozon.ru was one of the first e-commerce shops launched in 1998. It was developed as book shop, very similar to Amazon.com. In 2005 it started to sell electronics, computer equipment, photo equipment and mobile phones. Now it has more than 15 categories including spa goods, theatre tickets and others. You can see the evolution of the web site from 2000 till present here . This online shop is still the most popular in Russia according to research made in the 2009 . According to Silicon Alley Insider it had 25th place in the world with estimated value 450 million dollars in 2008.

The next successful business was KupiVip.ru that was launched in 2008. It sells clothes and accessories. The idea was to sell clothes from the boutiques with huge discounts. Nowadays the biggest discussions on the forums are about whether clothes are real and not fake.
In March 2010 was launched DarBerry.ru . It didn’t exist for a long time and after 6 months Groupon made an acquisition. Nowadays it has a lot of competitors one of which is KupiBonus that offers the same services. It has been launched in July 2010.

All of these web sites are still popular and continue to grow. The main problem is that they are focused mostly on huge cities, mainly Moscow and Saint Petersburg. According to DataInsight agency in the future year the size of the market will reach 240 billion of rubles (around 8.5 billion dollars). This will reach 1.6% of all sales that is not a lot comparing with European countries. Anyway everyone want to believe that e-commerce in Russia will continue to grow and will have more interesting and profitable projects.

Thank for help Anna Bessonova’s article


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2 Responses to E-commerce in Russia.

  1. Alexander Lund says:

    Interesting 🙂

  2. I believe that’s how ecommerce started in most countries. People who live in bigger cities are usually more open minded regarding these issues. Although the opportunity in smaller cities is even bigger, since offline stores aren’t so accessible.

    I don’t think it should be a problem for those websites to shift and focus on smaller cities, the issue might be that the audience is just not there. It’s necessary to educate the population first.

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