Content consumption and the changing behaviour of readers online

The speed of innovation coming to the market is becoming faster every year. 30 years ago the invention of Internet took place. They had been working on it for a long time and it took at least 20 years to make people use it on everyday basis. Now we have the iPad which was launched a year ago. It doesn’t look like something new today and the number of people actually using it is nearly the same as Internet 10 years ago; in such limited period of time. The same thing actually happens in every profession more or less connected with the digital innovations. The change of consumption of news and books are connected with two new resources of: Twitter and Facebook. I am pretty sure there are number of people who are still using RSS feed and Google reader, but is it enough convenient?

For me Twitter generates better news especially if I subscribe to the right resources. It became possible as most of the companies, magazines and newspapers are already there. You just need to follow them and you will get the same RSS feed as in Google reader. In fact lists are another great feature by Twitter. You not just able to get the same news you can actually put them in different lists so according to them you can decided what is important for you. I have for instance lists with the teachers from my school (and I like it especially when they write about our class) and digital marketing content, there are several companies I would like to work with and of course friends. All of them are in different lists that I can easily access and obtain information from. It is amazing tool for news because twitter limits your tweet up to 140 words so it’s not an article that takes a long time to write and is brief and fast. If there is anything you want people to now know Twitter will help you.

Some people will probably claim that Facebook can substitute Reader as well. Don’t be so naive. Of course we are reading Facebook quite often but we are coming there mostly to obtain information about friends or brands, however you can’t divide them. In case you want relevant information about news that happened a week ago and were written by some newspaper you will need to go through your entire wall or go to wall of each newspaper. Probably the invention of some app that will divide it for you might change the idea of the Facebook and switch it from just friends to more reading purposes but it can’t be for sure.

The last professional channel you can search for information from is LinkedIn. I can’t say I am a hard user of it but it might work for you. I am collecting all the important information from Twitter and people I have on the LinkedIn account actually have twitter and write the same news there. So I don’t want to switch from my tab to another I want everything here and now. It works for me but it can be a result of my field of interests. So what do you think?


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Master in Digital Marketing Student. Write about new devices, amazing videos, style and everything that can engage me and the world.
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