Executive speaker. John Sculley.

I visited an interesting presentation yesterday (16.06.2011) from Former President and CEO of PepsiCo and former CEO of Apple – John Sculley organized by HULT International Business School. It is always interesting to listen to the person who has such a big experience. There are several interesting things he told us about and also observations I made on my own.

I don’t think I will tell you something extraordinary by mentioning that every story always has two views.  It applies to problems as well. Every issue can be solved in different ways and the best example is Apple and Microsoft. They have been using different approaches in the same field and both became successful in the end. This is the first observation: never think that another approach is wrong, indeed there is no wrong approach, and it is just how good you will get in it. You can’t do half way to the target and tell that it is something that won’t work. The issue is not about that:  probably you can change it at some part or it will work on further steps.

From prospective from John Sculley, America is successful because they are not afraid of failure and actually always teaches them to succeed in the further activities. From my experience I can tell that it is absolutely true, there is nothing you can argue about. You just need to stop to be afraid of the failure and to learn how to get some thing useful out of it.  You can succeed in your first project but you will never know what helps you to do it. You might assume that you know but it is rarely the truth.

This leads to another ninja behaviour which is you need to never give up. If you think that after first failure there won’t be the second one you are wrong. If there are people who are lucky in this life they probably won’t understand me but if you struggled with difficulties you will understand what I mean. You can try to solve the same problem several times but in the end still come to the wrong decision and in this case the only answer is: «Never give up».

Two other pieces of advice are for those who wants to be a leader and to be a marketer:

  1. Never recruit the same people as you are
  2. Baby boomers are the target audience that you should think first if you want to have your product for a long time.

No comments here; you can use it in the way you want.

The last one and the most interesting for me are about curiosity, passion and love. When John Sculley was asked questions (not important here) he said that curiosity was driving his behaviour all his life. While answering the questions, he kept telling that he really likes the things he was doing. After presentation I asked him whether he likes these things or is curious about them. The answer is it is the same. He is absolutely right if you are passionate in love with some issue you will probably be curious about it. However he understands that he was lucky to have opportunity to work in the fields that he loved. All this makes further decisions clearer at least for me. You can try to fall in love with several subjects and you can search for the ones that are relevant for you. As you will find them it will be a much more interesting life journey because you will have the opportunity to wake up every morning and be happy to do what you are curious about.

Good luck.


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