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This is a post about the media I use in my everyday life. It was a very entertaining task as I were able to understand what kind of information sources I’ve missed and gave me an opportunity to subscribe to new Twitter accounts. I want to believe it will be useful for you in case you haven’t heard about one of the blogs or web sites. I would be happy to find out new media to obtain information, so feel free to write about them in the comments.

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Re-Defining ‘Publishing’ In A Digital Era

Are you here with me in the Internet? Are you reading my blog and have tabs with Facebook and Twitter opened in the same time? Have you got used to it?  Can you leave without it? I can’t. The whole world has become so different in the last several years. You go to work or university, attending concert or visiting friends everything has it new digital meaning. Work is nothing without your email and you can’t miss visiting Moodle to check updates for classes. The World Wide Web has changed our life style and gave new life to some industries. Some of them will never be the same.  With the change of the industries some old definitions has changed as well and continue to change now. Continue reading

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Digital Disruption And Its Effect On Media

The definition of the life cycle is discussed nearly in every subject. I would like to talk about it as it influences every product or service, market and industry. The main idea is that everything has it limit of time and as it declines problems start. If the company or industry is able to solve them they will start new cycle of modified product or industry and if not,company will stopexisting. Digital era has raised problems for many industries and all of them are in a hurry to find the ways out. The same occurs to different media organizations, digital revolution has changes the priorities of the advertising channels. Companies are shrinking their advertising budgets for radio, newspapers and magazines (according to Econsultancy ) however TV is still popular. All the money goes to the Internet and Mobile advertising. Continue reading

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